The most trustable and accurate system is Kypriano’s system, I strongly recommend it

Thamer Mohammad Al Saud Private investor 20th December 2021

Trading using Technical Analysis is an Art based on Science and Mr. Kyprianou is a guru in this field. He is a skilled, devoted, disciplined and very successful trader but more importantly a gracious person offering to share his expertise with others – this is actually what Smartline Trading System is all about. They hold hands in each and every step of the seminar (and even after) until you accumulate enough knowledge, self-confidence and trust in Mr.kyprianou’s Trading System and discipline to implement it. The more you think about it and apply it, the more you appreciate it and get fascinated by how everything comes together so beautifully. I believe the importance given to Human Psychology is what makes this complete Trading System so special. I was one of the lucky people to have worked for Smartline, I still feel part of the Smartline family and strongly recommend everyone to attend at least an Introductory Seminar which will change the way you look at Markets and Trading, and to become part of our family.

Zeki Muderrisoglu Fund Manager & Senior Technical Analyst, NBAD National Bank of Abu Dhabi UAE 21st August 2015

Я очень рад и доволен, что прошел полный курс в Smartline.
Сейчас я точно могу сказать что начался новый период в моей жизни, в моей карьере трейдера – “период после Высшего курса”.
Я стал намного компетентнее и увереннее в отношение рынка.
Один из самых главных моментов – это то что я увидел и прочувствовал психологию торговли,рынка. Я начал контролировать свой разум, свою психологию другими словами. Сейчас я вижу те “подводные камни” в психологии торговли, о которые я спотыкался (очень больно спотыкался) и о которые спотыкаются практически все трейдеры.
Я получил систему из трех компонентов: Money management, strategys,психология. И я знаю, что если я буду правильно оперировать этими вещами успех гарантирован, так как системa работает когда все три компонента под контролем.
Огромное спасибо Мr.Киприану за то что он делиться этими бесценными знаниями, которые действительно работают.

Ильсур Мугинов Technologies LTD Russia 21st June 2015

I am very happy and satisfied after the completion of the course with Smartline.
Now, definitely, I can say that a new period started in my life and in my trading career after the Advanced level.
Now I am more competent with the market. One of the most important moments is that I saw and feel the psychology of the market. I started to control my mind, my psychology in other words.
Now I see the “underwater rocks” in the market psychology which I have stumbled on, a very painful stumble , which almost all traders stumble. I’ve got a system of three components: Money management, strategy’s, and psychology and I know if I’m right in operating these things, success is guaranteed, since the system works when all three components are under control.

Many thanks to Mr. Kyprianou for sharing this priceless knowledge that really works.

Ilsur Muginov Techologies Ltd ,Russia Russia 21st June 2015

Imagine if you want to learn what is taught by Smartline by yourself! Be assured you would need to spend many years and at the end you can’t determine if you are on right side or not, because you don’t have a specific system of Trading! What Mr. Kyprianou and his team are doing is professional and accurate. These courses are from of many years of study & experience. Immediate advantages of these seminars are minimizing the losses and having a totally different prospect of charts and future markets and it is covering the needs of people from different categories of trading. I am a fund manager for a Soft Commodity House and I am using this system in my workplace and I am very happy and thankful to the Smartline Group who helped me to expand my knowledge.

Hadi Erfanian Afriexpo FZE, U.A.E United Arab Emirates 21st June 2015

A definition of the Smartline System could be given as the combination of a technical efficient and effective system combined with market psychology and money management. The strength in the smartline system uses of all the basic and most important foundations of technical analysis (Fibonacci, Dow pattern, Elliot wave, Oscillators…) to reach a certain determined time and market psychology. Under strict money management and given that the enter point would not be less than 70% accuracy with the smart trader plan B, and for the other 30% to limit any loss thus increasing the profit probability.
I used Mr. Kyprianou’s system in trading and I made profits.

Abbass Jaber Fidus, Société General Group, Lebanon Lebanon 21st June 2015

I would just like to let you know that I think the ‘Smartline Technical Analysis’ course is a great tool for anyone who has any interest in trading. It suits all skill levels, from the people who have no experience and wish to learn how to trade, up to the skilled professional trader who wishes to touch up on their trading or learn a new approach.
I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone in the field and you can only benefit from a course of such high standards. For myself, I came in with no trading background and when I left I felt confident I could jump right into trading and become a successful trader with well managed risk.
Many thanks to the Smartline team.

Tariq AlSwaidi First Gulf Bank United Arab Emirates 21st June 2015

SMARTLINE changed my life!
I come from a finance and economics background. I worked a few years in Wall Street in the US, after Princeton University and I have PHD. Even after all this, I try to apply all the knowledge that I have from there to the International Markets and I found that it’s very difficult to make money because there are so many factors that affect the market.
And the only thing that can show us the direction of the market is Technical Analysis.
Now, with Technical Analysis I can control the market, and not the market controlling me.
I was very lucky that I took the seminars with Smartline in 2005, before the crisis, and Mr. Kyprianou’s system for me is 95% accurate! It shows the move, it’s working and it’s very accurate because it shows the perfect picture.
The charts tell the trader how risky the position is that he will take. I follow the trend. My life has changed and I started making money.
Fundamental Analysis is only the small part of whole picture. Only Technical Analysis can show you the direction of the market! And Mr. Kyprianou’s system is helping you to control your “Mind” and to have the correct Money management.
Also, the good thing is that you can use it immediately after the seminar and no need to kill your time for studies.
This system is so accurate in any market, and for me is almost 100% accurate in local market. It’s working perfect.
I strongly recommend this course to anybody who wants to learn how to make money.
Mr. Kyprianou is number ONE person in the world that you can learn Technical Analysis from. I really appreciate what I learned from him! I can read the market and clearly see the exact direction of the market. And most important, to make money!

Faisal Al-Malik Private Investor, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 21st June 2015

Mr. Kyprianou’s system taught me patience, and increased my trading confidence. In 2009, in one month, I met my target where everyone else was losing money in trading.
Especially after the Summer Course, my control and trading discipline increased enormously on each trade and made me consider the risk and money management.

Ahoud Obaid Asset Manager, NBAD 21st June 2015

If you want to take the right trade take the Smartline Course. I know what I am talking about; we have been sending people to Smartline for years and years.

Aqeel Habeeb ACI Kuwait President 21st June 2015

Kyprianos Kyprianou knows how to deliver a perfect seminar and adapt to each attendant, never lacking energy and always keeping his audience focused.
Smartline is giving a spectacular method to trade the markets and it is up to each participant to use is appropriately!

Christian Schmitz ACI Luxembourg 21st June 2015

I am a veteran smartline fan . I have been using “kyprianos Methodology” for the last 10 years with great success. I recently completed the “Private Trading Course”
I would like to express my thanks to you, on the superior seminar! I gained a great deal of information. All methods taught during the seminar are typically researched, refined to perfection to give marvelous results. The private trading course tuned my style and very well organized it, from pre trading checklist, through trading conditions, to the candle ratio execution.
After the course, my mindset changed towards trading, and will surely enhance my investment profitability

Sultan Al Shehri Private Investor,Saudi Arabia Private Investor,Saudi Arabia 21st June 2015

I came to the Smartline course without knowing anything about Technical Analysis. Three weeks later I had learned a technique that I never abandoned and which has made me good profits ever since.
The teacher was able and willing to clearly answer every question, which made the whole learning experience a real pleasure.
To sum things up, I absolutely recommend this course to everyone interested in trading.

Charles Lorang Portfolio Management Gas, Enovos Luxembourg Enovos Luxembourg S.A. 21st June 2015

It’s a great honor to be one of Smartline’s customers. I enrolled on the course with a high expectations in my mind because I already knew friends who took it before, and the course was even better than my expectations. The biggest advantage in the course is that it isn’t theoretic knowledge that we use to learn in trading. In this course you implement directly what you’ve learned in the market with the system that they teach you. I will always be thankful for Smartline

Ahmed Al- Misfer Saudi Hollandi Capital 20th June 2015

I am working for the biggest sovereign funds and one of world’s leading financial institutions, I got to know the best people in the field. Mr. Kyprianou is one of the best in his field and a mastermind. His long experience in successful trading and in training traders puts him first on the list for those who want to be successful traders. I learned a lot from the wisdom of Mr. Kyprianou that I did not find in books. I learned from him all the mistakes of traders that are not pointed out by most. Smartline’s program is the most extensive , practical, and hands-on course available in the market taught by actual traders.

Faisal Al- Khouri Abu Dhabi Investment Authority 1st June 2015

When I signed up for the the Technical Analysis course at Smartline I expected a course that will provide me with a set complicated algorithms resulting in endless solutions with no logical explanations on why we used such methods. I also thought that I will have a vague picture in predicting the future of some trading markets. Luckily I was wrong, I learned not to predict but to forecast, and know what the markets will look like in the next timeframe. I learned techniques to tackle what was coming my way and make the most out of any possible situation (whether to go long or short in some cases). I also grew fond the analysis and how to use it technically with custom made oscillators to have a clear view of the current situation and a logical explanation of what I will be expecting. The difference is that in Smartline you are getting it from the playmakers themselves.

Saud Mohammed AL Saud Private Investor, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 9th June 2014

It is hard to explain the greatness of Smartline’s system in just a few sentences. It is what I call a system of a system. It combines the trader’s patience and mentality with the perfect technical tools to create a system also known as Kyprianos system. And I can assure you that the knowledge that you gain from this course far exceeds other courses in terms of technical analysis. This course will give you the confidence and the technical Knowledge to start trading in most markets. I have been trading in the FX market for more than 4 years, and all the mistakes that I fell into throughout the years were cleared after attending Smartline’s course. In short, it is a perfect system for a perfect trader, and this is all thanks to Mr. Kyprianou for teaching others a system that he created.

Ahmed Al Hashimi Forex Trader, NBAD National Bank of Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates 8th June 2014