Dear Trader,

Why do some traders consistently make their firms (and themselves) millions, while others remain mediocre for their entire career?This is a question you may have asked yourself at some point in your trading career.

As you and I know, trading is not a forgiving profession.

There’s only one way to look at it. You either make money or lose money.

If you make money, your specialized skills can bring you all the riches you desire, fame and recognition in financial circles, and the control of billions. If you lose money, you will find yourself looking for a job in another industry. Your focus, skills and performance are always being tested by the markets. But if you pass this test consistently, it is difficult to find a job that is more rewarding.

Are you passing the test?

When I did an analysis of over 150 professional traders, I discovered the successful ones had common traits which led to their success. These were:

1. A precise technical system for making trading decisions.

2. Strict money management rules based on mathematics.

3. Psychological practices to maintain focus and self-control.

Mastering these three factors is also the key to your success.

Nothing else will make you a top trader (not luck, “inside information” or anything else).

If you aren’t reaching the highest levels of trading performance possible right now, it’s because you haven’t mastered these three factors.

From the beginning, I knew Smartline’s success depended upon your success . This mentality is why we train traders in most major financial institutions in Europe and the Middle East (our clients include HSBC, Fortis, ING and many others). And it’s why our students are now reaching the highest levels of those organizations.


We aren’t going to teach you a cookie-cutter system that can be computer programmed and prove to be useless within a month. We are going to give you:

1. A complete knowledge of and ability to expertly use an arsenal of technical tools in a professional-level system. (The most basic to the most advance tools).

2. A scientific money management system for
best possible performance.

3. How to customize your systems’ decision-
making process based on psychological factors

If you are serious about your trading career and you would like to reach your greatest potential, register now for information on how you can attend one of our free introductory seminars in your area. It may be “introductory”, but it is common for students to see immediate improvements in their trading with the tools gained in this seminar.